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Career development

Career Development

In a majority of the organisations to deliver the best possible service to clients, employees need to achieve excellence in what they do as individuals and in teams. This requires that employees have opportunities to learn and develop, build their knowledge and skills, and support others in their development. It is an ongoing process that begins on the first day of work and continues throughout one's career with the firm. Our approach to career development is made up of four major components:

"My First Year"

During the first year, it is important for new employees to build relationships and gain answers to questions about the company business, values, expectations and opportunities for advancement. My First Year is intended to help employees maximize their potential by providing a solid foundation of learning, networking and knowledge of the firm.

Managing Performance

Performance Management process helps employees clarify expectations, set annual performance objectives and be fairly evaluated and rewarded for their performance. This process allows employees, in conjunction with their managers, to align their individual goals with those of their department and the organisation. Through this process, employees also identify strengths and opportunities for development, which can help them grow in their position and progress in their career.

Developing My Career

Developing My Career provides employees with resources and guidance to help define where they are in their career, where they want to go, and what it will take to get there. By understanding their abilities and interests, employees can take ownership in creating realistic and meaningful career development strategies that are right for them.

Partnering with a Mentor

It is a good practice to support mentorship approach providing employees with information and resources to help them serve as mentors or partners with mentors to learn and grow in their careers.

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