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Executive assessment and profiling

Executive Assessment and profiling t

Every executive has a profile - a personal profile of his or her skills, competencies and personal characteristics. Every executive position also has a profile - an ideal mix of the skills, competencies and personal characteristics needed for top performance in that job.

Executive Assessment and Profiling is the way for the organization:

  • to determine executives' strengths and weaknesses
  • to measure the executives' promotion potential to certain positions and thereby enable the organization to make better decisions about who is better suited to which positions
  • to identify executive development needs that can be addressed with training programs
  • to make comparisons between executives based on a solid consensus of multiple views, and
  • to accurately assess and report the particulars of executive performance, often called "performance profiling"

Choosing to hire someone for a position in your company can be an enormous risk. While you can identify their experience and credentials, you can't see their behavior. What is more, they can't see your company's management style or corporate culture.

To increase that accuracy, Almond Consulting offers behavior-based questions for use during the interview process. Can candidates adapt to the ideal profile? How flexible will they be? Will they like their new corporate environment? You'll both know.

During the Assessment and Profiling exercise we concentrate on

  • Job Profile
  • Candidate Profile
  • Profile Comparison Chart
  • Behavior-based Interviews
  • On-going Feedback

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