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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Top Performance Coaching helps develop individuals into top performers, to achieve their highest level of contribution to your organisation. By identifying behaviours that are competencies of effective leaders, and further development of existing strengths, individuals are empowered to achieve their highest level of performance. Initial work consists of a thorough assessment of leadership behaviour, communication style and work/life values, and how these impact the business. The result of this assessment is used to create individually tailored strategic plans to strengthen leadership skills, address barriers to growth and modify ineffective behaviours.

At Almond Consulting, we offer a service that helps newly hired or recently promoted individuals identify strategic initiatives that will enable them to become productive contributors early on in a new organisational culture and new role. Applying an action orientated and custom designed approach, the individual is able to quickly and proactively communicate with senior level decision makers and team members, maximizing their chances for success and achieving top performance within the critical first six months.

Almond Consulting offers a range of executive coaching services that address a variety of growth and performance needs.

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