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Management & leadership development

Management and leadership development

Almond Consulting offers a wide range of bespoke training for managers and leaders at any level within the organisational hierarchy. Essential leadership skills are developed through coaching for competency in many areas, especially through Emotional Intelligence techniques. Emotional Intelligence levels have been found to predict effective leadership behaviour as well as lead to success in interpersonal relationships in the workplace. We have completed our own research into the effects of coaching for Emotional Intelligence and concluded that the techniques learnt during the coaching process have a positive effect on an individual's ability to lead and motivate others.

Other skills that can be assimilated through investigating Emotional Intelligence are:

  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitation Skills & Techniques
  • Team Leadership
  • Coaching skills

Individual awareness and development:

  • Stress Awareness
  • Coaching skills
  • Career Development
  • Interpersonal relationship skills

Organisational leadership development:

  • Succession Strategy Planning
  • Development Centre Programmes

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