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Organisational culture profiling and change

Organisational culture profiling and change

The culture of an organisation is an amalgamation of the values and beliefs of the people in an organisation. It can be felt in the implicit rules and expectations of behaviour in an organisation where, even though the rules are not formally written down - employees know what is expected of them. It is usually set by management whose decisions on policy usually set up the culture of the organisation. The organisational culture usually has values and beliefs that support the organisational goals.

An organisation's culture needs to be managed in order to maintain a positive culture to ensure that it is maintained.

At Almond Consulting we know that few things have as dramatic an impact on an organisation's success as organisational culture. When an organisation has a positive, empowered, creative and open culture, few things can stand in that organisation's path. Achieving a winning organisational culture is not something to leave to chance. Based on our experience: desired values need to be defined, communicated, understood - and, most of all, lived.

Using our Culture Profiler will enable you to establish three types of profile for your team:

  • Desired - How the culture 'should be'.
  • Current - How the culture 'currently is'.
  • Individual - How an individual would 'prefer' the culture to be

We can help you to:

  • Validate the need for change on the part of organisational members
  • Plan and monitor organisational development programmes
  • Support programmes designed to enhance member engagement, organisational learning, quality and reliability, and/or customer service
  • Facilitate mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances
  • Measure culture for academic and research purposes

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